Anthogyr-Geistlich Education Trip

calendar June 22 2022

Expanding Opportunities with our Dentists!

Dentists travel 10,429 km from Singapore to Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, then 268.4 km to Wolhusen, Switzerland to observe the process at first hand.

A lift up the famous Mont Blanc into sight the majestic birthplace of Anthogyr dental implant, surgical handpieces, and equipment. Our Singapore dentists met Dr. Jean Baptiste VERDINO practitioner from France and shared experiences with colleagues, creating a network within the profession. At Anthogyr Campus, our Singapore dentists attended an « All on 4 » lecture and observed a Live surgery with simultaneous explanation and Q&A. 

Travelling to the heart of precision, Switzerland, our Singapore dentists experience not only precision at work but also the warm hospitality of Geistlich Wolhusen 360° in person. Nothing beats physical interaction and watching the production of quality biomaterial.