Extraction Sockets Management

General Dentistry

Socket preservation

What is it

Following a tooth extraction, bone and soft-tissue tend to shrink if no restorative treatments are planned. Besides poor aesthetic results, inadequate bone volume could result in a secondary procedure to provide implant stability. Else it may cause a gap under a dental bridge.

How it works

Filling the extraction socket with a bone substitute immediately after tooth extraction can preserve bone volume. This increases the options for successful treatment planning. If a dental implant is inserted soon after tooth extraction, bone substitutes placed around the implant also contribute to bone volume stability.


Without socket preservation measures…




the socket collapses over time due to natural resorption of the bone by our own body. The results are poor aesthetics with implant restoration, due to significantly less bone volume or formation of an unattractive gap between the bridge restoration and underlying gums.


With socket preservation measures…




in the form of a Ridge Preservation which is filling the empty socket with a bone substitute material, the volume and shape of the bone are retained over time. Preventive measures allow flexibility in choosing the final restoration if it is implants or bridge restoration.



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