“Pink” Aesthetics


What is it

Gingival esthetics is at least as important as dental esthetics. One of the most important parts that support the natural and healthy appearance of your teeth is your gums. All the procedures performed to make your gums look healthy and beautiful with the small interventions are dental esthetics (Pink Esthetics).


The gums that cover all parts of the teeth are like a picture frame that affects the appearance of your teeth. There are the standard size and shape of the gum for each tooth. When these dimensions change, the esthetics of the mouth are disrupted. Gums that look excessive when talking or laughing in everyday life, such as gummy smile, affect the appearance and mouth esthetics of your teeth.


Gums with sharp lines, no bleeding, consistent and rough structure are healthy gums. In the same way, a healthy gum color is like a rose. But sometimes the irregularity of the gums may be in question even if the gums can be healthy and the teeth are arranged in order. Another condition is a congenital deformity of the teeth. In such cases, dental esthetics and manicure are performed. Destruction of colored areas visible on the gum, etc. all procedures are corrected by gingival esthetic interventions. The purpose of these interventions is to create gums that are decent in both color and consistency. Since the harmony, shape, consistency, color, and size of the gums of each person will not be the same, the time of esthetics varies from person to person in appearance and condition.


  • Levels of teeth length.
  • Prevents the formation and chronicization of dental inflammations.
  • Tooth loss is prevented.
  • There are psychological positive effects such as an increase in self-esteem.
  • Lines up teeth layout.

With the latest technologies to solve gingival problems, the problem is usually solved in one session, seamless and painless. With the help of anesthesia, painless and very small surgical operations are performed. Your gums will return to normal within at least 1 week after the procedure and there will be no need for further intervention.