All on 4

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All on 4

What is it

The all-on-4 (all-on-four) procedure is a modern, effective and safe alternative solution to replace an entire jaw of missing teeth to achieve a naturally beautiful smile.

An Alternative to Dentures

Instead of dentures, four dental implants are used to support a full denture bridge. With fewer implants required, the overall treatment time and costs are reduced.

How it is done

The treatment involves:

  • Placing two of the four implants at such an angle that the bridge is supported by the implants at the front of the mouth where the jaw bone is denser and stronger.

Who is suitable

  • Patients who have failing upper or lower teeth
  • Complete Full denture wearers (upper/ lower or both)
  • Partial denture wearers
  • Combination of the above

Risk factors

In the initial healing period, some patients may expect minor bruising, discomfort and bleeding. Some patient may also experience temporary numbness in your lips post-surgery.